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Aurelia vom Fildebach


20.05.2011 - 19.02.2018 


Nickname: Linni

Date of birth: 20th May, 2011

Place of birth: Dortmund

Siblings: 2 brothers, 2 sisters

Sire: Tamarin Thomas

Dam: Lakritznase Clarissa

Shoulder height: 27,5 cm

Weight: 4 kg

Patella checkup: 0/0

Dentition: undershot bite, 6/6

Characteristics: playful, full of spirits, quick at learning

Favourite snack: slices of apples

Favourite toy: the red Kong-Wubba

Hobbies: playing with Yorkie girl Lana, long walks, inspecting the garden, lying on the couch together with her family and watching TV in the evening