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About us and how we acquired the Affenpinscher



Christa, Manfred and Clarissa
Christa, Manfred and Clarissa




The Helm family


We, Christa and Manfred Helm, are living in a suburb of Dortmund in our own house with a beautiful big garden.

By now we have reached retirement age, our two children are adult and our grandchildren are grown-up as well.

Before our first Affenpinscher moved in, it was quite silent in our home.

When our daughter and her family visit us, they often bring their three Yorkshireterriers along. Watching them play in the garden is always a lot of fun for us.


So we decided to fulfil our long-lasting desire of having an own little dog. But which of the huge amount of dog breeds was the best for us?

We were reading a lot of books and magazines about dogs to get to know more about the different breeds and their traits.

During our researches we discovered that a responsible Affenpinscher-breeder lives right next to us! While our investigations Affenpinschers aroused our interest: we were curious about the dogs with the peculiar name. Now we had the chance to learn more about these wonderful dogs. Already on our first visit we were sold on this lively little dogs. Now we were absolutely sure that one of these Affenpinschers belongs to us.

Luckily, one of the puppies was still up for grabs – our „Lakritznase Clarissa“!

We really appreciate that Gabriele Trosbach, the breeder, commited this puppy to us.

From the very first, Clarissa was a friendly and charming little puppy which takes us by storm due to her jocose nature, her high spirits, and her cute appearance with the scrubby black hair and the dark brown eyes and the sullen pouted lower lip.


Our Clarissa, we call her Clara, evolved into a beautiful dog which is typical of her breed. We like to visit dog shows with her and by now Clara won a lot of awards.

The best success so far is the title „VDH-Europasieger 2010“ that she won in the Westfallenhallen in Dortmund.

Meanwhile we have two Affenpinschers.

Asterix vom Fildebach, one of Clarissa's sons from our A-litter, lives with us as well, now.





The Czubek family



Gilda and Christian Czubek
Gilda and Christian Czubek

We, Christian and Gilda Czubek, live together with our two children Annika and Stefan in Dortmund, too. Christa and Manfred Helm are Gilda's parents and their house is not far from our home.

Since 2001 Yorkshire Terriers enrich our family' s life. We are sold on these beautiful and lively little dogs. In 2004 and 2006 our Yorkie girl "of Morning- Sun's Young Collection", called Gianni, gave birth to the A- and B-litter with the kennel-name "Very Special". Gilda is a member of the 1. Deutscher-Yorkshire-Terrier-Club (1.DYC) which belongs to the VDH.

By now, Gianni, Amy (from the A-litter) and little Lana - "Royal Tiffany's Lavinia" - from Berlin lives in our family. We thought that three little dogs would be enough...


Annika with Abraxas vom Fildebach
Annika with Abraxas vom Fildebach





But then Clarissa's first Affenpinscher puppies were born!

We fell in love with little Aurelia.


We call her Linni and since the end of July 2012 this adorable Affie girl is a member of our family.

Immediately she wrapped the Yorkies and us around her little paw ;-)

Stefan with Yorkie girl Lana
Stefan with Yorkie girl Lana



If you are interested in this unique breeds you are welcome to contact us



Gilda and Christian Czubek

Phone: +49 231/370548




Christa and Manfred Helm

Phone: +49 231/37745