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About the Affenpinscher

Clarissa, 14 months (click on the picture for original size)
Clarissa, 14 months (click on the picture for original size)

The Affenpinscher is small, sturdy in build and has black, rought-coated hair all over his body. The hair on his head is bushy and sticks out. He also has – due to his glossy and pleaded lower lip – a cute monkey-like facial expression which makes this dog very unique. His shoulder height is about 25 to 30 cm and his weight about 4 to 6 kg.


The Affenpinscher is a very old dog breed, which was already illustrated by Albrecht Dürer, who lived between 1471 and 1528.


Affens are very miscellaneous: in the past they accompanied dignified ladies as well as they chased away mice and rats from barns and their owners’ sleeping quarters.


The Affenpinschers of today preserved this versatility: they squire their owners on mountain hikes but enjoy a snugly walk in the park as well.

They are well-balanced and cuddly, know how to behave and are good companions, for example during a visit in the restaurant.

On the other hand they love sports and they are brilliant at agility-competitions. Besides they are great family dogs, no matter whether they live in a household with children or together with a single person. Though they are open-minded about foreign persons and other dogs, they are attached to their owners in a very special way. The Affen guards his owner and his property very trustworthy, furthermore he is unbribable and loyal.


Sometimes the education of an Affenpinscher is a little tricky because of his intelligence and self-reliance but easy to handle with loving comprehension and consequence.


Finally, we want to mention the robustness in health and the easy-care coat of the Affen. With constant combing and trimming, he doesn’t shed. The trimming is easy to learn and if your Affenpinscher doesn’t participate in shows it suffices to trim him twice a year.


If you engage with the Affenpinscher you will be fascinated by this great little dog soon!