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Lakritznase Clarissa


Nickname: Clara

Date of birth: 6th June, 2007

Place of birth: Waltrop

Siblings: 1 brother, 4 sisters

Shoulder height: 27,8 cm

Weight: 5 kg

Dentition:  complete undershot bite 

Characteristics:  nice, affectionate, observant, playful

Favourite snack: slices of carrots

Favourite toy: Nili, the gray squeaking-hippo

Hobbies: working with Manfred and Christa in the garden, enjoying the sun, burying chewing bones (except for the favourite one), driving in the car, lying on the couch and watching TV in the evening, rummaging with Manfred in the forrest and meeting her dog-friends, strolling with Christa through the village and taking compliments, going on excursions with both of them



Clarissa's parents

Clarissa's mother is the adorable and very successful female multi-champion
"My Fair Lady Maskottchen".
Born on 3rd June, 2004.
Clarissa's father is the beautiful and also very successful male multi-champion "Tamarin Tamino Rheingold".
Born on 20th December, 2004.
Owner: Gabriele Trosbach,
Owner: Mieke Cooijmans,
Lieshout (NL)


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We thank Gabriele Trosbach and Mieke Cooijmans for providing us with their dogs' photos for our website.