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Our Yorkies






Our little watch dog Lana
Our little watch dog Lana



The Yorkshire Terrier is the smallest representative of the Terrier-family. But he is only small at first sight – Yorkies have a great personality and the posture of their tiny but strong body beams with importance.


They differ from other dog breeds in many aspects. The most important attribute is their hair which is long and silky. Besides, they don’t change it from summer to winter, so people who are allergic don’t have problems with a Yorkie in their household.

The beautiful and unique colour and the flashiness of the Yorkie-hair make me rave about it often. 




Amy and Gianni
Amy and Gianni


Another advantage is, that Yorkies look gorgeous with a variety of different hair-styles.


But the best part of the Yorkshire Terrier is his character. As a real terrier he is lively, playful and persistent. On the other side he is insightful, well balanced, cuddly and affectionate.

If he thinks that his family might be in danger, he is a resolute defender of the goods and chattels of his owners – for example, if the postman rings ;-)

The little dog is very intelligent and headstrong. But if his owners

are sensitive, lovingly and consequent,

                                                               he is easy to teach and loves to learn                                                                  tricks.


Amy and her brother Aragorn, our A-litter at the age of 8 weeks
Amy and her brother Aragorn, our A-litter at the age of 8 weeks


With a Yorkie at home it never is boring and we experienced that there will be more than one Yorkie soon!


There live three of this little treasures in the Czubek family :-)


On this page we’d like to introduce them to you.




                                                     In memory of




                                      "of Morning-Sun's Young Collection"


                                               07.10.2000 - 09.11.2015





Date of birth: 7th October, 2000

Place of birth: Straelen, Germany

Siblings: 1 brother, 2 sisters

Shoulder height: 21,5 cm

Weight: 3,1 kg


Gianni is well-behaved and relaxed. Meanwhile, she has never destroyed anything and is really pacific. If some of our other dogs have differences, she always tries to solve them.

But she also knows exactly what she wants – and what not. Now that she’s older she wants to decide the route of our walks and defends her feeding dish keenly.

Gianni is 14 years old and the oldest of our dogs. In January 2004 she gave birth to her first two puppies. Our kennel-name was “Very Special”.

In April 2006 our B-litter (four puppies) arrived. Amy from the A-litter still lives with us. Gianni and her daughter really like each other and for some years they were the only dogs in our family.


Here are some photos of Gianni which were taken when she was a teenage girl.

Click on one picture for original size.





                                                         In memory of




                                          "Very Special Amy Indigo Girl"


                                             17. 01. 2004 - 23. 05. 2019





Date of birth: 17th January, 2004

Place of birth: Dortmund, Germany

Siblings: 1 brother

Shoulder height: 23,5 cm

Weight: 3,3 kg


Amy is our little princess. She thinks there is no need to have more than two dogs in our family and these dogs are Amy and Gianni ;-) Even if we take a walk outside she shows us that she doesn’t like being around with other dogs so much. 

It took some time but now she and Lana, who joined our family when Amy was 4 years old, are friends. They like to relax in one of their cozy baskets together.

However, she doesn’t like our junior – Affie girl Linni – so much. Maybe Linni is too tumultuous for Amy. Sometimes, Amy is really annoyed and then she rebukes Linni – but she never is malicious.


If you click on one of these baby pictures of Amy, you can see it in original size.





                                                 In memory of




                                        "Royal Tiffany's Lavinia"


                                        22.07.2008 - 26.09.2017




Date of birth: 22nd July, 2008

Place of birth: Berlin, Germany

Siblings: 2 brothers, 2 sisters

Shoulder height: 22,0 cm

Weight: 3,2 kg


Lana is very playful. She loves to retrieve her red Kong Wubba but is also very creative in inventing new ways to play. Lana also likes to hide and seek her toy and racing duels.

She thinks that her most important job is to defend our house against the postman.

When Affie-girl Linni joined our family, Lana took her under her wing and played a lot with her. Meanwhile, Linni has outgrown Lana, but they are still best friends.


Lana was very small as a puppy. Here are some baby pics :-)