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A-litter "vom Fildebach" born on 20th May, 2011


The puppies' father is the beautiful Tamarin Thomas- called Tommy. His owner is Mieke Cooijmans (Lieshout, NL).


The seventh month of life



Asterix has found a loving home and lives in Finland now. 

We wish Asterix and his new family a wonderful future!


Update August 2012: Asterix is back home!!! He did not settle down in his finnish family, so we took him back!!! We are glad, that he is home again :-)



Asterix, 6 months old and very well groomed by Gaby before he travelled into his new home.
Asterix, 6 months old and very well groomed by Gaby before he travelled into his new home.




The fifth month of life


Asterix and Linni (Aurelia), the two Fildebach-Affies, who live in our family, are developing in a great way. At the age of almost five months they are in the second dentinition. We think, it is the right time for new pictures :-)

At first the pictures of Asterix:



Of course there are two new pictures of sweet Linni, too:






At the age of four month, Asterix visited the annual Affenpinscher-meeting together with Clara and us. It always takes place at the third weekend of September in Benneckenstein, a village in the beautiful Harz. The get-together is in vogue among Affie-friends all over the world! Home again, we took some new pictures of little Asterix. 



Twelfth to fifteenth week of life


Asterix is a very nice and observant little boy. He really enjoys to learn new tricks. Asterix walks with the leash very well yet and loves walks in the forest with Clara and us. By now he copes with "Sit" and "Down" very well.




There are two new photos of Aurelia. On these pictures she's 14 weeks old. Linni, how she's called now, is a cute williwaw and is a real pleasure for the whole family. Together with her yorkiefriends she discovers her environment and during the walks a lot of people admire her. Most of the people in Dortmund-Mengede haven't seen a "real" Affenpinscher before ;-)






Since a few weeks Abraxas, called Fiete now, lives together with his new family. His mistress and he visit the dog school, they do a lot of exciting walks together and Fiete really loves "his" garden. Many thanks to family Junqueira for the beautiful photos.


The eleventh week of life


On the last sunday little Abraxas was fetched by his new family who really looked forward to him. We enjoyed the last week with the two remaining Fildebach-puppies in a very special way, we played with them a lot. Besides, we practiced "driving-in-the-car" and "walking-with-a-leash" with them:  




Aurelia is called "Linni" now and she settled in our daughter's family very well. She also made friends with the three Yorkie-girls. Linni gets along well with Lana, the youngest of the Yorkies. Here are the pictures:





Arabella is comfortable with her new home, too. In her family lives the Affenpinscher-girl Mira Maskottchen. Everyone takes care about the new little gremlin very lovingly and Arabella learned some new stuff yet. We thank family Rühl for the first report and the beautiful pictures. We are looking forward to some more news :-)





Amelia lives with family Leutermann in Billerbeck now. Corinna and Klaus Leutermann's breed Miniature Schnauzers and the other dogs adopted Amelia soon in a very friendly way. Even an Affen-buddy expected her. Meanwhile Taonga van Tani Kazari and Amelia are inseparable. As we were told, they do everything together. They eat their foot out of the same cup, sleep in the same basket and romp in the whole house and garden. We're looking forward to meet Amelia and her family on a dog show soon.


The tenth week of life


At the end of July the three girls of our A-litter moved into their new homes. Aurelia stays in our family. She lives in Dortmund Mengede now, in the house of our daughter and her family with three Yorkiegirls as her playmates. Here are two pictures of Aurelia, taken in the new home:




On thursday, 21st of July, the veterinarian surveyed our puppies for the first time. He was looking at them diligently and he was very satisfied. The puppies got their first inoculation and their chips but they were pretty relaxed. During this day they were not romping a lot but on friday our gang of little rascals was full of energy again. The Fildebach-gang had a lot of fun in the garden and no time for photos. However, we took some snapshots of them and we think, the puppies look extraordinary cute with their smudgy faces:



The eighth and nineth week of life


In their eighth week of life the Fildebach-puppies got their first collars. At first they were a little confused but soon they were proud and felt like little grown-ups. Full of enthusiasm they entered their new "ball-paradise":


At the 9th of July, 2011 we celebrated Manfred's birthday. The weather was great and Michael, the boyfriend of our granddaughter Annika, took the opportunity to take photos of the puppies. On this day the puppies were seven weeks old:


photos by Michael Wong


The seventh week of life


Supervised by mom Clarissa and Christa our puppies discovered the garden for the first time this week. At first they were careful but soon they became more and more curious and had a lot of fun. One of our puppies wanted to help replanting our flowers :-) 

Our gang of little rascals has gone wild so we had to pick them up to take some lovely portrait-photos.



Back in the house the five siblings were very tired. This time we took a beautiful photo of Asterix, too. Aurelia was pretty exhausted so she fell asleep during the weighing-procedure in the weighing scale. Only Abraxas was so peppy that he would love most to play in the garden again.



The sixth week of life


During the daytime our Fildebach-puppies are in their roomy compound in the living-room. We took some snapshots while they were playing and romping and also documented the daily weighing- and combing-procedure.



The fourth week of life


By now, our puppies are already four weeks old. We took some new portrait-photos of them. During the shooting they acted like little professionals. Here are some of the beautiful pictures.











Hello, it’s me, Asterix, again. For us the last week was very eventfully. Christa and Manfred built a little compound for me and my siblings. Now we have a lot of room for playing and romping, our first toy and a veeery cozy snuggle-coat to sleep on perfectly wonderful. Mom’s milk is still the best but since yesterday we get some real dog food which is also very tasty.



The third week of life


Hello, I am Asterix vom Fildebach. My siblings and me are already three weeks old by now. In the last days a lot of exciting things happened. Imagine, we are all able to see now!

Amelia was the first one who opened her eyes. Besides, we can walk a little yet and we play together. Very funny! :D

 Absolutely not amazing was this pink stuff, called "worm-control programme" - it tastes reeeally disgusting!

But Christa says it is important for us. We also got our claws cut and tolerated it in a very relaxed way.


There are also some new pictures - enjoy!

Abraxas - 19 days old
Abraxas - 19 days old
Asterix - 19 days old
Asterix - 19 days old
Arabella - 19 days old
Arabella - 19 days old
Amelia - 19 days old
Amelia - 19 days old
Aurelia - 19 days old
Aurelia - 19 days old


The first week of life


By now, our A-litter is one week old and all of them are fine. Mom Clara takes care of them lovingly and thoughtfully. The babies are growing magnificient and they are very satisfied. 


We took some new pictures and would like to introduce the five kids in detail.









The babies cooperated very well during the first exciting photoshooting, but now they are happy to be back in their cozy puppy-box :-)




The first day


Clara and her puppies on the day of birth - we marked some of the babies with numbers on their backs.
Clara and her puppies on the day of birth - we marked some of the babies with numbers on their backs.


In the night between the 19th and the 20th of May Clarissa's puppies were born. Our A-litter "vom Fildebach" has arrived!

The new little Affenpinscherboys and -girls are fine and their mom is in good health, too, and very proud of her babies.


We don't want to keep the following two pictures back from you. On the left one you can see Manfred's selfmade box for the puppies which Clara embraced immediately. On the other photo you can see Clarissa with her promising baby-belly at the end of the seventh week of pregnancy :-)