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Dear visitor,


on the following pages you can get a lot of information about an old and very rare dog breed from Germany - the Affenpinscher.


We’ll introduce our Affenpinschers Clarissa, Aurelia and Asterix and tell you something about us and our every-day-life with them. Besides, there are some stories about the three Yorkiegirls who also belong to our family.

Furthermore, there are a lot of photos and news to take a look at.


In May, 2011, our A-litter („vom Fildebach“) was born. Asterix and Aurelia, called Linni, live in our families and their three siblings Amelia, Abraxas and Arabella moved out to their new owners. Sometimes, we receive photos of them and their adventures in their new homes. We are so happy to stay in contact with Clara’s puppies. On the puppy-page (take a look at „Welpen“) you can read about their development and their first experiences.


On the 20th of February 2019 we unfortunately have to report, that during the long  break of this website, three of the beloved dogs of the Czubek family have died.

The Yorkiegirls Gianni (07.10.2000 - 09.11.2015), Lana (22.07.2008 - 26.09.2017) and Affenpinschergirl Linni (Aurelia vom Fildebach 20.05.2011 - 19.02.2018) are always with us in our hearts and they will be unforgotten.


Have a good time by viewing our homepage,


Christa and Manfred Helm with Lakritznase Clarissa and Asterix vom Fildebach




the Czubek family with Yorkiegirl Amy